“Writing is a form of sharing who we are. It’s part of the human condition and a very honest and thoughtful method of communicating.”

Blended Gear was created as a content resource for businesses that need web copy to thrive.

Who Are We?

A culmination of many years of desire, Blended Gear was born out of my love for content writing. 
Initially, I never planned on becoming a freelance content writer. Although I was looking for a way out of my 9 to 5 rat race, I had never considered getting into content writing.

I have always been an avid reader and a wordsmith. In my quest to find an alternative source of income, I learned that there are businesses that struggle with content writing – and that would happily pay to have me craft their copy.

Eventually, passion became an obsession that has been gradually taking a life of its own.

Blended Gear Services All Types of Clients

Blended Gear strives for excellence in every project and enjoys servicing businesses of every type and size.

The world is a small place and writing connects us all.
Blended Gear is here for you. Let’s make it happen together.

To Your Success,
John Mundati

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